Our intern Courtney has come all the way from California to help us with content creation & perfecting our American accents. Read her first insights into London's theatre community. 

'I arrived in London a week ago, and although it’s not my first time in the city, it is my first time living here for any length of time and experiencing the community that comes with it (especially within the theatre world). I’m from Palm Springs, California which is about two hours from Los Angeles. I spent 6 of my summers in upstate New York at a theatre camp. I’m no stranger to theatre, my childhood consisted of screeching Broadway musical albums and dreaming of being the next Sutton Foster. While discussing my internship placement in London, I expressed an interest in being involved with a theatre company, which ultimately got me placed at Theatre Deli.

The Globe and the West End. That is it. That’s all that immediately came to mind when thinking of theatre in London prior to arriving. However, the past six days of working with Theatre Deli have made me realise how expansive and diverse the London theatre scene actually is. Theatre is not just contained to the bounds of either a play or a musical. I’d never been exposed to the diversity of fringe theatre, mainly because my own past experiences with theatre solely included proscenium arch plays and blockbuster musicals.

My preconceived notion of London’s theatre world and my first impression of the actual theatre scene have joined as one. Obviously you cannot talk about the theatre in London without acknowledging that some of the biggest theatre powerhouses in the world do reside here, but there is so much beyond that. The biggest impression that I’ve had in my short time here is that theatre is meant for all. Creating and experiencing theatre is not something that an elite few should have access to, it should be used to promote community, give voices to the voiceless, and give an escape. I can’t wait to dive headfirst into the work that Theatre Deli is creating with Beyond Borders Festival & Deli Comedy Festival.

Watch out for some exciting video content being published soon (courtesy of yours truly)'

- Courtney the intern