Eve Kennedy
London, UK

I live and work in London, where most of my inspiration comes from my own life and my beautiful city. Through my art I try and touch on the issues that are most present in my life. My views on gender inequality and the irreversible pollution on our planet heavily influence my work. I use visual art as a way to discuss the 'taboos', and get people to notice the topics we're too often ignoring.

The piece is mostly a visual response to 'things unsaid'. I made it after a close friend of mine was really struggling with his mental health and didn't know how to manage/communicate it. We say 'men don't talk about things,' but when they do, do we know what to say? The statistics regarding male suicide are overwhelming, but not beyond hope. This piece was created when I was working as a tattooist, which explains the thick, dark lines. The bright colours juxtapose this, and indicate that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am hopeful for a better future for mental health.