Denisha Anderson

Denisha Anderson centres her work around a fascination with humanity. Her varied practice displays an ability to explore all realms within photography; documentary, fashion and portraiture; however the key themes of identity, race and gender remain. Her desire to speak cultural truths and reveal injustice has lead to travel being a key part of her practice. Anderson is able to make the unfamiliar recognisable and manages to create images revealing the beauty in our shared human experiences.

Highlights of Anderson’s career include debuting long-term project MAN which explores learned roles across gender and desire at the V&A in 2018, a feature in Magenta Flash Forward catalogue 2017, which then lead to a self-published a limited-edition book; Bikes and Bridges. Her years spent working in film and photography alongside Spike Lee, Daniel Mulloy and Joost Vandebrug helped to inspire her unique eye to this day.