KIRI PRITCHARD-MCLEAN: Victim, Complex (Work in Progress)

You might have seen Kiri on Live from the Comedy Store, or The Russell Howard Hour, or heard her on the Now Show, or the Newsquiz. Or maybe you listen to her hit podcast “All Killa no Filla”? You might have no idea who she is and that’s fine too. But what you all need to know is that she’s very quietly been going mad for a few years and to borrow a phrase from Uma Thurman, she’s been “waiting... to feel less angry”. So, it’s time to talk about victims, women, love and lies. You might not even believe her, but she’s used to that.

“an increasingly impressive comic, making powerhouse standup from the thorniest of subjects.” - The Guardian



OLGA KOCH: Fight (Work in Progress)

In 2014, Olga Koch's father got stopped by authorities on the Russian border, which resulted in the most surreal year in her family's life. This year, the Amused Moose National New Comic Award Finalist will try to dissect this real-life spy drama with nothing but a projector and "a naturally comic mind" (Bruce Dessau). Olga takes her audiences on a guided tour of the making of modern Russia, where the political is always personal, and no one knows why the host of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" is passed out in your childhood bedroom

*Line-ups are subject to change without notice