JEN BRISTER: Meaningless (Work in Progress)

Ever wanted to know the meaning of life? No, neither has Jen, she's too busy trying to stop her twins from using her shoes as a toilet. Still, we're only on this planet for a finite time, wouldn't it be good to find a bit of meaning in your otherwise pointless existence? Join Jen Brister as she clutches at all the straws trying to make sense of it all.

As seen on Live at the Apollo (BBC2), as heard on The Now Show (BBCR4).

“Blisteringly Funny” THE LIST

“Outrageously Funny” THE METRO

EMILY FERRIER: A Broad Abroad (Work in Progress)

Dear Dani,

England is fine. Work is fine. It's fine. We're fine. Fine. Good. Fine. Heard you're doing well. I still haven't had an acting job - so I wrote this show. It's about us. The international, internet, interdependent relationship of two creative canadian sisters living in the USA and the UK today. Half the cast is onstage in front of you, the other half is brought to you via the magic of the internet via FaceTime. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! 

You in?


*Line-ups are subject to change without notice