Chloe Roach
London, UK

Chloe Roach is a 33-year-old artist working in London who has exhibited internationally. Chloe has recently exhibited a series of paintings examining maternity and those who played a maternal role within her life; nurturing and influencing, for better or for worse. Her work has been exhibited at Salt and Pegram off the vibrant Brick Lane, various art fairs across the UK, as part of WOW Festival in UK City of Culture 2017, North Carolina, Mall Galleries, Glastonbury Festival and the Royal College of Art.

Chloe's paintings provide insight into a world where the uncanny and sometimes frightening elements of life are embraced. The subjects within the paintings demand attention; they wish to have a dialogue with the viewer and confront them. Body language, gesticulation, and symbolism, be it through the subject matter or patterns, play a large part in the work and present an unsettling portrayal of everyday life.