Bidemi Omirinde
Barking, London

'My name is Bidemi, I am a hobbyist and semi-freelance photographer from East London trying to become more “serious” with photography. I love art and I've always wanted to create beautiful moving images which tell captivating stories. 
I ventured into photography as a relief from a stressful job. Over time, I began to enjoy photography.'

I'm inspired by images of blackness experiencing all aspects of life. Being carefree, enjoying nature, slaying, being naked, loving fashion, picking lavender, being true, sensual, sad, open, strong and their true authentic self in every way imaginable.
I want to see my reflection in art. I want to be able to turn a corner and know that there'll be representation of some form of me and blackness. I take photos to normalise images of blackness in life, just existing.