Alex Papachristou-Cox
London, UK

As well as an artistic I also work in theatre and dance, I like this to reflect in the paintings I create, my work is usually in the moment, with quick expressive movement in the pieces I make. My work is mainly figurative and bold, I wish to capture a persons opinion quickly in my work. As with a lot of my work, the portraits I paint are in moments on rest and contemplation, often looking away from the spectator. The contemplative state is usually in juxtaposition with the energy and rhythms of the painting.

I hope with my art, and the pieces I have submitted, that they open the need to talk. I feel this is one of the most important factors in understanding mental health. The subjects are ambiguous although not abstract and through the lens of mental health could be taken as read, but I like to challenge the looker with words they wouldn't necessarily associate with depression. Titles such as 'May' and words and images such as daffodils and clouds are not quickly related to the theme. This to me is a true reflection of what it is to live with depression or any other form of mental health, a cover up or guise to suggest what we see is not always the truth. Just as a title such as 'May' can rose tint the image we see in front of us; the image becomes suddenly one of hope and new beginnings, but without the title, the cover up, we could see something else entirely. It's all about what we choose to see first on that day, do we see what we are actually seeing or what we are told we are seeing.