Who is Zarah Hussain?

I am Visual Artist and I like to combine digital art with traditional hand-drawn Islamic geometry. I make infinitely looping animations using code as well as sculpture, painting and installation.

Tell us about your work 

My most recent big project was 'Numina'; this was a large scale sculpture with a digitally animated projection mapped surface. Commissioned by the Barbican for their foyer spaces programme in 2016, Numina combined designs found in the art of the Islamic world with contemporary digital arts by animating geometric patterns onto a pyramidal wall sculpture set in a hexagonal grid.

What influences your work?

My training was in Islamic Art and Design. I love Islamic Art and especially mathematical geometric design. 

What is the hardest thing about being an artist?

Filling in funding proposals!

Do you have any pro tips for aspiring artists?

Here are SIX tips - 
1. Work hard. 
2. Be honest. 
3. Be kind. 
4. Have integrity. 
5. Be courageous. 
6. Honour your word - keep your promises!

Whats next?

I'm doing an immersive light installation in the summer for the Barnaby Festival in Macclesfield, then solo show in Brussels. Then a HUGE outdoor lighting installation in 2019.
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