The Women’s Trust are a London based organisation devoted to helping and woman affected by domestic violence and abuse. They help overcome the mental and emotional harm by providing women-only, client-led counselling and support services. Proceeds made from Deli V-Day 2018 will be passed along to them to help continue the AMAZING work they do every day. Speaking of which…

They see the value in ongoing mental health resources for domestic abuse survivors. 

They know that escaping domestic violence is not just about being physically removed from your abuser. The impact doesn’t end when the violence stops, when the woman gets away, or even when the perpetrator is convicted. These are all important steps but at Woman’s Trust they’re all too aware of the forgotten element in all this: the damage domestic violence does to a woman’s mental health, and how long, slow and painful recovery can be.

They recognise that 50-60% of people using mental health services are affected by domestic violence.

Women’s Trust provide free, non-judgemental mental health support to survivors of abuse to help them deal with the trauma and abuse they have endured and support them to rebuild their lives.

They provide self development workshops for women affected by domestic abuse.

These aim to improve your knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation through addressing a range of topics related to the domestic abuse you have experienced. The workshops are designed to be as useful as possible; empowering you with practical knowledge, coping mechanisms and ways to move forward.