All of us at Theatre Deli share a simple ambition.

We want to create the space, support and resources so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their artistic potential.

Over the first decade of its existence Theatre Deli has transformed 10 empty buildings, supported over 100,000 artists, opened up over 200,000 square feet for rehearsal studios, workspaces and performances, and put £1.7million directly into the hands of artists.

The organisation's main priority is to empower artists who want to change the world. We do this by supporting artists who have been marginalised, creating alternative, free and affordable opportunities for people to make and experience art, and provide a platform for narrative on social justice. 

To make this happen we need to generate over £1.5 million a year to cover our costs.

You can do this by either becoming a Family member here.

Or just give us a tenner! In 2019 we need to fundraise £150,000 to support the next stage of our growth, and we're asking our social media followers to donate just £10. 

Whether it is a little or a lot, anything you can offer will make a difference, and help us continue to support the next generation of UK talent, open up accessible spaces for who experience obstacles to making and experiences art and culture, and enrich lives by building creative communities. 

If it is £20, it will buy us one of the slings we need to kit out our Sheffield space so we can stage circus performances there. For £100, we cover the costs of an emerging theatre company to take part in one of our Scratch performances. Stretch to £400 and that has paid for a British Sign Language interpreter to create an accessible performance of one of our shows.

Lets make something.