Theatre Deli is a charity that changes the way people think about their creative potential by transforming spaces to expand the possibilities and opportunities to create, make and experience art.  

By unlocking unusual spaces where artists, audiences and communities can come together to make transformational moments we contribute to positive change in careers, communities and our collective future.

Your donation supports our activities around the UK including artistic workshops for disadvantaged communities in London and Sheffield to accessible large-scale immersive performance.

£10 subsidises 1 hour of in kind rehearsal space to artists

£25 gives a week of desk space to a visiting artist

£50 allows us to give mentoring to early career artists 

£100 enables us to deliver free seminars to artists from leading industry professionals 

£500 subsidises a performance space with a technician and marketing support for 2 nights

Our donations are named after the buildings we've inhabited over the last 10 years